Is this Decade the end of Producing Champions .

Generation is changing I don’t see people who aim’s to be a champion. I see people who wants a fancy blue tick on instragram. I rarely see people who wants to serve their nation and represent worldwide. It can be anything which you love doing. I see many people telling I don’t have time to this or that. The reality is they don’t give a damn care spending 4 to 5 hours watching netflix and giving that stupid lame excuses. This new era which is developing the habits of spending time on virtual things which is not helpful for 90% of the audience. If this mentality doesn’t change we will no more see : Mike Tyson , Michael jordon , kobe bryant etc. Fear of losing , Fear of failure which is breaking many dreams. If this continues no more golden eras , no legacies which will set an example. Just change your mindset first and other will itself workout for you. Everyone is on videogames and other stupid stuffs its so disturbing to see that because they are spending hours which don’t have any moral values. Being a athlete it feels so disturbing I am not against Videogames because if your aim is not to be a esports player don’t spent your valuable time. Reads books listen podcast which gives u a moral Values. And there’s no overnight success , make a small goal every single day and try to complete it. It will help you grow in long run. Remember life is not a sprint it’s marathon.

Written By : Pratik Dhungana